About Us

Welcome to Clojo Ruth, we are an independently run company based in Cornwall. Clojo Ruth HQ is based above the fabulous tea room and gin palace Dolly's so we are visited daily by Dolly's dogs Hebe and Pearl.

Clojo designs all of our textile products in her studio with her two trusty industrial embroidery machines and an army of sewing machines with her beautiful Lurcher Tinker to keep her company. Wilber our salty sea cat is our head of quality control and Pearl the Springer Spaniel has taken on the role of product testing (we can confirm that our products can withstand even the most rigorous chewing!)

All of the collections have a strong illustrative style that is portrayed through embroidery. Our products are inspired by the wildlife we live alongside and our gorgeous Cornish surroundings.

Clojo Ruth began in 2016 while Clojo was finishing her undergraduate studies. Originally with a career in the police in mind, Clojo diverted her plans when she discovered digital embroidery whilst creating her final collection. Since then Clojo Ruth has flourished into a small business producing beautifully functional accessories, suited to every day use. 

Here at Clojo Ruth with our inspirations being firmly routed in natural beauty, we are passionate about the environment, and take every caution to reduce the impact we have on our beautiful planet. All of our packaging is recyclable and any cardboard boxes your orders are sent in are re-used. We often use repurposed fabrics as we don't like to see anything go to waste and ensure that we use as little energy (apart from plenty of our own!) in our studio as possible. 




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